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Pink Pledge 2012-09-18T21:26:19+00:00

Today, I commit to living a healthier lifestyle!

I will eat healthy wholesome meals.

I will get moving with daily exercise!

I will possess a positive attitude!

I will take time to keep my TEMPLE Holy!

I know that I have the POWER to reduce my risk for developing breast cancer.

Today, I submit my mind, body, and soul to living well.

Today I commit to fighting breast cancer by taking care of my TEMPLE!

T – Get TESTS/Check Breasts Regularly.
(BSE monthly/Mammograms & CBE annually)

E – EAT HEALTHY Foods – 5 or more a day!
(Fruits/Veggies/Whole Grains)

M – MENTAL Attitude.
(Keep it Positive & Limit Stress)

P – Eliminate POISIONS.

L – LEISURE Activities.
(Enjoy Life!)

(150 to 200 minutes weekly)