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Be Joyful in Hope, Patient in Affliction, and Faithful in Prayer.

Romans 12:12

Our Mission:

We are committed to inspiring women of color to take control of their health through informative, interactive, and entertaining multidimensional wellness experiences.

Our Vision:

1. Engage our participants in total wellness through our comprehensive website, interactive fitness events, breast self-examination kits, pink passion to heal fashion shows, and inspirational luncheons.
2. Partner with colleges nationally through our “Live Pink for Life” initiative with the goal of providing young women with an understanding and the tools to engage in good breast health.
3. Encourage women to take daily positive action towards better health.
4. Partnerships and collaborations globally and locally with other breast cancer and health organizations to orchestrate positive changes that improve the lives of women.
5. Provide high quality personal experiences for participants and partners of Pink Pearls of Hope.
6. Make our “Breast Self-Exam Kits” locally and globally available thru our website.
7. Encourage women of color to engage in clinical trials researching breast cancer and other health conditions that affect women.
8. Support research collaboration with hospitals, clinics, and health organizations to incorporate best practices for breast cancer prevention, early detection, survivorship, and improved quality of life following a positive diagnosis. We will implement this information into our events, services, and products.
9. Support the survivorship of women diagnosed with cancer through support groups, individual counseling, cancer patient navigation programs, and financial scholarships.
10. Improve access to care for participants with a positive diagnosis (assist w/transportation to treatment centers, find free or low cost resources for survivors, accompany them to doctor appointments, etc…).
11. Develop walking programs for sustained exercise.

The Values that define Pink Pearls of Hope are:

1. Striving for the highest quality of standards in everything we do.
2. Pride in ourselves and our organization.
3. Hold ourselves accountable to our partners and participants.
4. Constructive self-criticism and self-improvement for continued growth as an organization.
5. Celebrate our shared experiences and achievements as we set and reach our personal goals.
6. Build strong partnerships and participant relationships.
7. Operate with integrity as a team.
8. Continue evolving as an organization by implementing current research and best practices.
9. Respect for ourselves and other organizations.
10. Encourage participants to believe personal growth is always possible.

Community Impact

Since 2010, our impact has been:

*Pink Pearls of Hope has distributed more than 2,500 Free Breast Self-Exam kits throughout the United States and Africa to individuals, churches, hospitals, businesses, beauty salons, and organizations.

*Pink Pearls of Hope developed and produced culturally sensitive DVDs, literature, and seminars to educate women about the risk factors, symptoms, benefits of early detection, and prevention.

*Pink Pearls of Hope worked in the community spreading comprehensive information about breast cancer through participation at churches, health fairs, free clinics, community events, colleges, and direct neighborhood distribution.

* Developed and facilitated 9 breast cancer awareness and education events in California, Illinois, and Georgia.