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Our goals for 2013 is to provide the following initiatives to encourage breast cancer awareness, prevention, and early detection:

1.      Renting a mobile mammography van to provide breast cancer screenings to women in low income communities, working in factories, and currently under or uninsured for breast screening prevention benefits.

2.      Production of a DVD and literature on breast cancer symptoms, treatment, and screenings. The DVDs will be distributed at free health fairs (along with a booth for screenings and literature), door to door in low income communities, and provided through our website free of charge.

3.      Production and distribution of  “ASK the Question” pamphlets geared towards our Live Pink for Life population of under 40s. The ASK the Questions pamphlet is to encourage young women to ask questions about their family health history, with the ability to record it in the pamphlet as a permanent record.

4.       Free seminars about breast cancer prevention, awareness, and treatments to women in high school, colleges, and low income areas.

5.         Provide mental, physical, and spiritual health counseling services through a designated toll-free number and email correspondence.