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Pink Pearls of Hope Breast Cancer Organization was founded in January 2010 by Dr. LaRay “Imani” Price. Dr. Price became interested in breast cancer issues in women after her paternal grandmother, Ms. Mary L. Price-Lee, was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 1980s. Ms. Price-Lee reported coping with her breast cancer diagnosis through faith and constant prayer. Her prayers comforted her fears and gave her the desire to continue pursuing most of her precious activities. Ms. Price-Lee believed her journey with breast cancer was improved by her faith in God, which: (a) provided her with the courage to live life to its fullest; (b) the hope that her life could make a difference in the lives of others; and (c ) the faith to believe she could live a happy life despite having breast cancer. Through her faith and eventual medical care, she lived a high-quality life for many years until her death. Ms. Price-Lee’s way of coping with breast cancer placed Dr. Price on a journey towards understanding more about the impact of spirituality and the psychosocial factors in with women coping with breast cancer.

As Dr. Price engaged in research to understand more about women and breast cancer, she discovered that she had more than just a paternal grandmother with breast cancer. Dr. Price’s mother, Rosemary, had two aunts (one maternal and one paternal) who also lost their battle against breast cancer.