About Pink Pearls of Hope

Pink Pearls of Hope Breast Cancer Organization was founded in January 2010 by Dr. LaRay “Imani” Price. Dr. Price became interested in breast cancer issues in women after her paternal grandmother, Ms. Mary L. Price-Lee, was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 1980s. Ms. Price-Lee reported coping with her breast cancer diagnosis through faith and constant prayer. Her prayers comforted her fears and gave her the desire to continue pursuing most of her precious activities. Click on the picture above for more information.

Carol and Recovery Fitness

Exercise helps Breast Cancer Recovery

Exercise is an essential component of the cancer recovery process.   After surgery, it is important to build strength and flexibility in the chest, shoulders, abdomen, and back. Since everyone responds differently to exercise Ms. Carol Michaels, the founder of Recovery Fitness, can create a structured and individualized program with your situation and needs in mind. Studies have shown that exercise for cancer patients can:

  1. Helps to improve healing after surgery and during treatment, additionally;
  2. May reduce risk of reoccurrence.

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 Intimacy After A Cancer Diagnosis

 During cancer treatment, women go through a lot to get rid of their disease and their body image often suffers in the process. This is not surprising considering many of them have lost a breast, experienced weight increase or decrease, hair loss, scars, and more. Women often become focused on what they look like and forget about the woman within. Pink Pearls of Hope is partnering with Tiger Blossom, a company who empowers women by offering a one stop shop for products needed before and after treatment. Click on the picture above for more information and use code DrPrice to receive a 20% discount on all products.

 Good Nutrition for Breast Health

Approximately, 35% or more of all cancers are related to excess fats contributing to estrogen receptor negative tumors. In addition to excess weight being a risk factor for breast cancer, it is also a risk factor for many diseases. Click on image above for more information.